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  • 5135 Fishing Site Rd
    Harrison, MI
    2 beds | 1 baths
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  • 27930 Little Mack
    Saint Clair Shores, MI
    3 beds | 1 baths
  • 33143 Killewald
    Chesterfield, MI
  • 34660 26 Mile Rd
    Chesterfield Twp, MI
  • 0 Killewald
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  • 49156 Kimberly Ct
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    2 beds | 2 baths
  • 37561 25 Mile
    Chesterfield, MI
  • 15584 Semrau
    Eastpointe, MI
    3 beds | 1 baths
  • 4534 Lakeshore
    Fort Gratiot, MI
    4 beds | 3 baths
  • 27470 21 Mile
    Chesterfield, MI
  • 27470 21 Mile
    Chesterfield, MI
  • 42181 Lochmoor
    Clinton Township, MI
    2 beds | 2 baths
The foreclosure timeline in the State of Michigan
Foreclosure Prevention - The Short Sale

If you are behind in payments, or think you might be about to miss a payment, PLEASE take 10 minutes of your time to read the information on this page from start to finish.

You Can Stop or Prevent Your Foreclosure

Stop foreclosure and prevent a credit destroying forclosure mark on your record. Most foreclosures happen due to circumstances beyond our control like divorce, job loss, or health related issues. Whatever the reason you need to control the foreclosure process and not let it control you.   Avoid foreclosure by considering a "Short Sale" or Refinancing. Save your House!  You are asking how to prevent foreclosure...or how to stop foreclosure?

Here are your Options !!

Refinance, get a new Mortgage or Home Equity Loan

A)  Refinance, get a New mortgage or Home Equity Loan.  Your current mortgage may be part of the problem.  Many people in the last 5 yrs have either obtained INTEREST ONLY or ADJUSTABLE RATE mortgages in which the payment now has increased to a unmanageable level.  Shop for alternatives, mortgage rates and programs change daily.

Negotiate with your current Lender

B) Negotiate with the current lender.  Find out how much you currently owe and what the lender will take to suspend the foreclosure process.  Contrary to what you may think the lender really does not want your house.  You will need to find out from the lender the late fees, collection fees, and attorneys fees that have been applied.  Even if you can postpone the foreclosure with the lender this will provide you with time to fully exhaust other options like refinancing, listing the property, doing a short sale, or selling the property to an investor.  Get whatever time you can to prevent long term damage to your credit rating.   What ever agreement you make with the lender make sure you abide by the the time frames.  Get it in writing or it is not really an agreement.

Sell the house - The Short Sale

C) Sell the house.  If you have followed the steps below and think that you will not be able to keep the house it is better to sell it yourself then to have it foreclosed by the lender.  If options "A" or "B" are not an option for you, contact me ASAP so we can discuss a "Short Sale".  A short sale is where the lender may permit you to accept an offer on the property for less then what is actually owed on the property. 

You have more options than you think. The worst thing trap to fall into is to think that you can "just walk away".  It's not that easy and you will pay the price for years to come.  We can help put together a blueprint, or road map if you will, that will give you the best options available to you and cause the least amount of damage to your credit and finances.

Even if you think you have the sitauation resolved or under control, please call me so I can educate you on the foreclosure process from start to finish.  It costs you nothing but can end up saving you everything.

If you just walk away without protecting your interests and your credit, you might find yourself never being able to purchase a home again. Do you want to rent forever, or do you want to be in  position to buy a home again in as little as 2 years?  Contact me today for a no-obligation Foreclosure Consultation.